Advocating for those adversely impacted by tolling systems The tolling system in Australia is causing irrevocable harm to motorists across the country at alarming rates. Thousands of people have reached out to us, many in desperate situations after being offered no reasonable assistance by the tolling companies (such as Transurban), government departments and debt collection agencies. With plans to toll every kilometre you drive, it is important now more than ever that motorists have a voice. Currently, stakeholders in the toll road industry have lobbyists and advisers assisting them in achieving lucrative government contracts. Your voice is being left out of the conversation. Companies like Transurban are lobbying the government for a system that will ultimately bring them more stability beyond their 30+ year contracts, and a system that will help them look more favourable to shareholders. This will come at your expense: it will likely be more expensive to drive, and there is no guarantee that driving conditions will improve. Toll Redress provides you with an opportunity to have your voice heard. We will be your lobbyists, your advocates and your representatives. We have extensively researched the tolling system, generated many media stories and have assisted with government inquiries. We do our best to be seen and heard by policymakers at their offices, at industry lunches, at events around the country, and in parliament.

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Michael Fraser
Michael Fraser

Investigator, Researcher

Exposed 7-Eleven. Investigating Transurban, Domino's Pizza & Retail Food Group.

Maddison Johnstone
Maddison Johnstone

Investigator, Researcher

Investigating Transurban, Domino's Pizza & Retail Food Group.

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