A Parliamentary Inquiry is considering amending the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 to reduce the amount of administration fees charged to motorists who fail to pay for their toll road use.

Toll Redress welcomes changes to the tolling system in Queensland that simplify billing and reduce fees charged to motorists. However, we recommend more is done to ensure that the administration fees are legitimate, and that toll road consumers are treated fairly by toll road operators. One of our suggestions (which you can see at the link below) includes making it a requirement by law that toll road operators such as Transurban must only charge one administration fee per month.


One thought to “Transport Infrastructure Act changes to toll admin fees in Qld”

  • Chris Breen

    what i find annoying is how GoVia (transurban) are getting away with doublr charging. An then have the hide to have Dept Transport theow a fine at md & s collectiom agency also for the same toll.

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